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Food Blog & Home Decor Retailer

Lisa Sheppard is the President of Memorable Marketing LLC and Owner of Comfort Food Diva / Comfort Diva. She has over 20 years of experience leading global brands. Her executive experience includes brand names such as Herbalife, Natrol and iHerb. At Natrol, she chaired the brand through two corporate sales. With 360 management experience including Marketing, Sales and Operations, she understands what it takes to build a brand on a global scale.
This agency is the natural next step after 5 years of freelance consulting for brands sold through Amazon, subscription sales, brick and mortar and event marketing. In addition to being a marketer, she also happens to be a great cook and an artist. is a cooking blog that she started that has evolved to sell home decor items that she designs to enhance the beauty, fun, joy and comfort of your home. Originally from Houston, Texas, Lisa moved to Comfort where her dad grew up in 2018 after 30 years of living in Los Angeles, California.

Contact: Lisa Sheppard
Memorable Marketing Phone: 210-960-9153
Comfort Diva Phone: 210-864-9394

Mailing Address: 105 Independence Pkwy St, Comfort, TX 78013
Days & Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday – 9AM to 5PM