The Elephant Story

The Elephant Story was formed by Ed and Joey Story to promote elephant conservation in Asian elephant countries, most notably Thailand. The objective is to increase the awareness of the plight of what has become an endangered species given the deforestation in Thailand, Laos and Myanmar.  Various elephant conservation groups are focused on removing elephants from exploitation in the streets of major cities to return them to a more natural habitat in conjunction with this effort, net profits from The Elephant Story will be directed to various Asian elephant support foundations.

In addition to the efforts to promote elephant conservation, The Elephant Story will seek to support indigenous crafts and textile groups in Asian elephant countries by providing a market for their goods. By way of example, the silk textiles of Carol Cassidy, Lao Textiles, support fifty weavers in Laos and eighty  survivors of the Cambodian war who weave silk textiles in Cambodia.  Moreover, the photographic images of Carol Stevenson will be offered for sale to support her elephant conservation efforts.

Address: 723 High Street, Comfort
Phone: 830-995-3133