Cedar Eaters of Texas

Cedar Eaters prides itself in maintaining a good reputation within the land restoration industry by providing prompt, professional service at a reasonable price to its customers.  In 2001, Stan and Pam Hegener’s original intent for the business was to run one machine and retire in the Texas Hill Country.  However, as they began running their one-machine business, they saw an opportunity to grow a small business out of a community’s environmental need.  The Hegeners also know from personal experience that investing in land stewardship, combined with good market timing, can result in an increase in the value of your land.  Recycle your cedar wasteland into a productive, grassy watershed!  For over a decade, Cedar Eaters of Texas has earned the opportunity to work with a vast number of clients across the entire state of Texas.  While primarily working throughout the I-10 and I-35 corridors, Cedar Eaters has completed land clearing services in various other parts of the state and  Oklahoma, leaving behind breathtaking views and acres of reclaimed pasture land.  Cedar Eaters takes great pride in finding ways to make the land clearing process as proficient as possible while leaving behind a minimal environmental footprint.  Call for your FREE Estimate Today!

Website:  http://www.cedareater.com/

Contact Person:  Stan Hegener

Phone:  210-745-2743    Email:  contact@cedareater.com

Address:  6707 Hwy 27, Comfort, TX 78013