Dinah Zike Academy

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Dinah Zike is known for designing hands-on manipulatives that are used nationally and internationally by teachers, parents, and educational publishing companies.

In three-day intensive DZA Institutes, Dinah’s team of directors will engage and immerse participants in the power and potential of 3D interactive graphic organizers.  See a variety of effective strategies for ramping up rigor and relevance as well as reinforcing skills essential for reading, organizing and analyzing.  Aside from teaching strategies, trainers are immersed in dynamic presentation methods, efficient classroom organization and effective teaching practices across age-grade levels and content areas.

Website: www.dinah.com
Phone:  830-995-3800

Email: rhonda@dinah.com

Address:  PO Box 340, 609 7th Street, Comfort TX 78013
Business Hours:  Mon-Fri:  8am – 5pm